Introduced to the market in 2001, NUDURA has become the world’s leading Insulated Concrete Forming system. Committed to providing innovative products and unprecedented service NUDURA has become the preferred building method of Insulated Concrete Form installers and designers. Together, with our distributors, NUDURA has been identified as the ultimate building envelope in those markets we have embraced. As each new distributor comes on board, we all benefit from the additional success that is achieved in an otherwise untouched market Contained in the following pages is an introduction to NUDURA's Integrated Building Technology and information about what it means to be a NUDURA distributor and the opportunities that it offers.

NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms or (ICF’s) are a proven method of providing you a better alternative to traditional building methods. NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms consist of two stay in place panels of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) connected with our innovative hinged folding web.

The forms are stacked, reinforced and then filled with concrete, creating a solid reinforced monolithic concrete wall. Building with NUDURA offers a variety of advantages over traditional building methods. NUDURA offers form thicknesses consisting of 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12 inches allowing you to build your project to the most demanding design requirements.

Building technology has seen rapid advances in recent years, with owners, architects, designers, and builders looking for newer, more efficient ways to build their projects more comfortable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. NUDURA insulated concrete forms have met these demands on all types of projects from the small private residence to large educational and military projects.

NUDURA walls have met and most often exceeded statutory building codes around the globe. NUDURA is tested to the highest standards, providing the customer with the safest, most comfortable project possible and has a wide variety of code approvals for North America and Europe.


NUDURA is comprised of industry professionals focused on their area of expertise ensuring each facet of the company has the highest level of professionalism. At NUDURA our Integrated Philosophy is to provide service, value and quality, along with a cutting edge icf wall product. NUDURA has a global team of distributors that represent our icf wall products and accessories, and are committed to providing the highest level of training and service. NUDURA has completed residential and commercial icf wall structures in the United States, Europe, UK (United Kingdom), Canada and continue to expand globally.  

NUDURAs goal is to provide our customers a superior icf wall product that will provide reduced energy costs, safer living and working environments and more comfortable living and working spaces.


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